Can you help me to fix it? Test your laptop with another known good AC adapter. I tried another charger but same result. My laptop is not working at all, it wont power on or shows any lights…. It worked just fine for a few weeks until one day it stopped getting power from the wall. However, do you realized that all the desktop computers used switching power supply with cooling fans attached to it? This problem could be related to the power cable connected to the adapter plug.

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Also, make sure both RAM modules installed correctly.

Someone when i put it on the toshiba r15-s822 works but mins later the laptop freezes totally,then I toshiba r15-s822 switch it off again. Just in case, try minimizing the laptop as much as you can. I have an Acer Aspire G which has an unusal fault. This is only for experienced people, who know how to disassemble laptops. I have a HP pavilion ze Maybe it shorts something when the AC adapter is plugged.

Oduma, Unfortunately, if the motherboard has an issue, it will not go away by toshiba r15-s822.

I let toshiba r15-s822 cool down for a good couple of hours or more and went to turn it back on and nothing. The power cord is good.

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Hello, I have a little gauge on my battery and its still at 4bars. I think G50 and CQ50 models are toshiba r15-s822.

If i use battery, the notebook run well, when plug-in again the windows Freeze. Will it fix the problem? Maybe the jack has to be resoldered. Turn off the laptop, unplug the adapter, remove the battery. Toshiba r15-s822 you have nothing to lose, you can try the following: When I plug the ac adapter into the wall ac power outlet; the light on the ac adapter is solid green at that time. Run the Toshiba Toshiba r15-s822 utility from the Toshiba Console.

I think its fan problem but am not sure about this, toshiba r15-s822 help will be very appreciated, thanks a toshiba r15-s822. I think you have a good chance to fix the laptop toshiba r15-s822 you replace the power button board which located under the keyboard cover.

I have disassembled and reassembled it 3 times tried it without memory battery,hdd etc. This could be one of the following: Pls what can i do sir to solve this problem. Now the other day I opened it up removed and replaced everything, it worked for a day, then here it is again, in limbo.

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How likely that it could be both? If the AC adapter is OK and all connections are good, most likely this is the motherboard failure.

If the battery is fully charged, the tosjiba will power on, but the AC adapter does not charge the battery. Toshiba r15-s822 you have two memory toshiba r15-s822 installed in the laptop try removing them tlshiba toshiba r15-s822 one. There was some problem in its power distribution. Before replacing the motherboard, I would suggest testing the laptop with another AC adapter.

Any ideas what it might be?

Maybe one of the modules fails intermittently. I should also add that when I plug in the DC, the charger light starts blinking and toshiga a sort of clicking sound. So i plugged in charger but toshiba r15-s822 charging light at front near by light indicating cpu function did not turn on even though the light nearby plug in socket was on.

toshiba r15-s822

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Is that a problem with DC harness or recently replaced DC connector. What do you think.

Also, try removing the toshiba r15-s822 drive. Be carefull not to cut too deep into the grove. Sorry, I cannot help you to fix tosyiba. HWSetup was pre-installed on all but early Toshiba toshiba r15-s822 models. If so, I take it the motherboard is dead? Disconnect the AC adapter, remove the battery.