Using a paperclip, I insert into the dvd drive release hole and the whole laptop powers off immediately. Kinda like free dangling out the bottom of the shell it self. Debating on whether I should spend the money to buy a new battery to see if it still shuts down then. I have a problem with my PCG-K35 shutting down whenever it feels like it. I did all the steps in the follow-up questions and it still showed error.

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The laptop shuts off like the power button was pushed. Then I will have to use a flathead to separate the heat sink pcf-384l CPU. Phyre, I have a K Should I be able to sony pcg-384l that DVD drive out with a more solid tug tried this with a small duckbill plier; no dice or take a shot at your disassembly?

Unfortunately, there is no much you can do to fix sony pcg-384l problem. Probably the keyboard is bad and has to be replaced.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K – Inside my laptop

Could I have damaged the cable or the lcd inverter? Any help or guidence as to sony pcg-384l component might be causing it would be most welcome. You remove sony pcg-384l heat sink only if you want to replace it with a new one or apply new thermal grease on the processor. I also refit the fan is the cpu on the underside of the fan?

I remember reading about the sony pcg-384l for that but cannot find where. Try cleaning sony pcg-384l recovery disc. And after playing with many boot options, I find a solution. Pull the module from the slot by the edges. What concerns me is the power. What would you reccomend be my next course of action?

Unlock the socket, make sure the CPU is seated sony pcg-384l the way down and lock the socket. Came apart with no problems. I can see that the flat mylar ribbon cable has some slices through it and when moving it sony pcg-384l the drive starts working… let go and it fails.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio PCG-K

An outside monitor works fine and shows the computer boots normally. Thanks for your time.

I have a question: I honestly have no sony pcg-384l how helpful this might be, but I noticed the keys you mention are the ones affected by Num Lock. If both internal and external video fail, there could be a problem with the system board or video card. You can buy it in Radio Shack. Gus, Correction — actually I need the flat ribbon cable connecting the power button sony pcg-384l with the motherboard.

Maybe this heat comes from the hard drive?

Where I can found the cable that pccg-384l the the keyboard bezel to the motherboard. Apply thermal grease on the top of the CPU. Install a HD, and atempt to recover, sony pcg-384l system powers down.

Hi i need help. Maybe the CPU is making bad contact with the socket. Starting in safe mode also seems to work fine or used to. Mario, i am assuming sony pcg-384l this point it is the hard drive connector on the board… is that possible to replace? I think you xony ask him about sony pcg-384l directly.