I now have my complete movie collection on my Zappiti wall on my laptop. My Movies support for TV Shows is a bit shaky. Oh and one more thing; Is there a way to change the sharename? I could never bring myself to buy a product without MKV Chap support. Thanks Damian, have seen those settings but they do NOT work.

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DVD / magnétoscope

If it is too long to explain, then direct me to a reference or something. The easiest way to explain is sbs iomega screenplay pro hd by side 3D iomega screenplay pro hd typically half resolution although you could have full sbs. Although the HTPC does it all, it is by far not the most family friendly as you noted as well.

I would like to be able to stream that video-music content via wifi and the Dune HD Smart D1 seems like an awesome media player. I went through a bunch of reviews and not one mentioned that a protected ISO could not be played. Internal flash drive can be used as system storage iomega screenplay pro hd BD Live and if you want to add shortcuts iomega screenplay pro hd the main menu. The other major factor when looking at Cortex based chipsets is the graphics co-processor GPU.

Hi Damian, great review. In general subtitles can be a hot mess for many players, so I am not surprised that 3D subtitles would be handled even more poorly. Also, your example requires using an HTPC for playback i. If yes, would 2GB be enough [i have a couple lying around] or does it need to be 4GB or larger? At no point did I notice any sort of heating issues. The reason is I believe the cost will not be justified versus the minimal upgrade you will get.

Was Sie bei Multimediafestplatten beachten sollten

Keep in mind that even with a dedicated NAS solution if you had to do streams simultaneously you will most likely have issues. I recently got the D1, thanks to your review of iomega screenplay pro hd box that made my decision an easy one. For me this means that iomegs does NOT recognize 3D generated as the two separate screens but just another type of wider screen. The TV mixes these to screens to a 3D output. I could never bring myself to buy a product without MKV Chap iomega screenplay pro hd.

No problems with either of them, other than an occasional audio dropout momentary. Is that because of better sound quality? Many thanks mate for all your help. I have one question about the D1.

Has anyone been able to get a gigabit ethernet usb adapter to work with the Dune D1? I have a new Zappiti Player. Can you try connecting the Screwnplay to your TV via component and see if you get the same issue. Here are some good links: However, there are a couple of items iomega screenplay pro hd could be problematic: I have gigabit too.

LenovoEMC rebranded all of Iomega’s products under its name. Blu-ray 3DVXP video processing, etc…. It also has an HDMI port to allow connection to a television or monitor.

Chat with your friends and family about programs, films, entertainment and sport that they have also watched on TVPad. Included refer to picture Easy Setup refer to picture Power adaptor. Hi Damian, First time here. I have yet to see a single stutter or sound drop after sampling the iomega screenplay pro hd demanding bitrates including the famous bird scenes.

Review: Dune HD Smart D1 Media Player

It is also great for Chinese speakers who want to keep up with news, politics, and sports from Asia. I have tried ripping blu rays but they simply wont play with my set-up.

However, the issue is maintaining this as a steady stream, which is iomega screenplay pro hd likely where it will fail. I am not very confident in my linksys switch that the Dune is attached to. This works with HDMI 1. Or should I better use a 2TB Disk?

You bet, xcreenplay will get downmixed to 2 ch iomega screenplay pro hd. This player seems to fit my needs: It may be worth asking in this thread as well if you want to get feedback from other lucky Dune owners: Now things have really moved on which is why I want to buy a new media player.

Can you advise what this is? Considering the price differences.

LenovoEMC – Wikipedia

Thank you very very much for your help! Janeff, What program are you using to merge the subs into the MKV files? However, iomega screenplay pro hd there any differences between the blu ray players of the max and the B1 loading speeds, functionality etc. Not yet a few hundred GB to go until it is completely gone.

I just asked some danish dudes the same question on another forum and one of them swears that the Dune HD D1 doesnt have the same problem as he is using Zappiti with more than one network share iomega screenplay pro hd his movies play fine from Zappiti.