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It can result in black background on Mac OS see stackoverflow.

imagemagick – Convert PDF to image with high resolution – Stack Overflow

Also, can you update your answer with side-by-side images of the accepted answer vs what you get with your convert pcb file to pdf download Compare this to the result of my original command the image on the right:. Armin Mustafa 1 6 So, no need to resize; add the -density flag. I found this to be easier, with a better result: Sign up using Facebook. It appears that the following works: Its resolution is x pixels, using bit RGB color space.

Valerio 81 1 3. Also keep the following facts in mind: Sign up using Email and Password. It results in the left image. Using convert how will we know how many pages got converted?

Victoria Stuart 8 Convert pcb file to pdf download -density flag will likely give worse results on higher values if the quality of the starting image was lower than that. PNG file you attached looks really blurred. For lossy JPG embedded images, you had to use -j: Norman Ramsey k 49 Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In case if you need to use additional post-processing for each image you generated as PDF preview, you will decrease performance of your solution.

The better, sharp image on the left has a file size of This is my current best attempt. Just used the -density and -flatten option to reduce the size t a pdf to another pdf. The blurriness in the original PNG is what inspired the question in the first place, and the PNG in the accepted answer is rather crisp.

Certainly it’d be simple to script the pdftk command, as it’s already on the command line. The density value is weird — tk a range of values results convert pcb file to pdf download a worse looking image in both directions!

I did a really quick Google search, and found that GIMP has a batch mode I haven’t tried it, but it looks like that should be scriptable convert pcb file to pdf download well: The -flatten option really helps a lot in reducing the total size.

If you want pixel, you use the density too to tell it, how many pixels per inch you want to get in the output. It’s twice the size mostly too the output density has been doubled and the jpg compression quality is set on max so not much compression.

Preet Sandhu 3 7. I found this to be easier, with a better result:.

Here is one of the PDFs that I’m trying to convert. The reason for doing this via the command line is that I had thousands of pages that needed this process. On little provided Win platform you had to download a recent 0.

By posting your convert pcb file to pdf download, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. The filee, blurry image on the right has a file size of 1. Mikhael Bolgov 21 4. It doesn’t much matter what you set the output parameters to if you start with the DPI default on loading.

To really see and appreciate the differences between the two, right-click on each and select “Open Image in New Tab Also, GIMP renders the page on loadingso you’ll want to set the resolution when you select the pages to load.

JBWhitmore 4, 6 26 Can this be automated if you have thousands of pages?

I want the program pcv trim off the excess white-space and return a high enough quality image that the superscripts can be read with ease.