Before printing, be sure to check the number of print pages displayed in the Print Page Count Confirmation dialog box. Embedding Exif information into scanned images allows you to organize and print them along with digital camera images. It is suitable even for beginners. Specify the document size, resolution, and other advanced scan settings. Print an image at the paper size enlarged or reduced. Click Open Manual to open this guide if it is installed.

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Page Canon 2010c wia scan magazines containing many color photos, select Magazine Color. Your serial number will be stored in “. Click Cancel instead of Apply to cancel the specified settings.

This section describes the settings and functions available in Basic Mode.

Canon 4207B002 On-screen Manual

Scan photos, documents and film. These must be observed for safe operation. Page Enter Canon 2010c wia Name and click Add. Set Input Settings according to the document or purpose.

VueScan 9 Release Notes

Place the right half of the document face-down on the Platen. Enter Setting Name and click Add. Classification may take time if there are many images to classify. When you click found to the left ofthe document titles found in the lower hierarchies are displayed. This setting is only available with Canon inkjet printers that support borderless printing.

Preview before scanning Canon 2010c wia this checkbox, then start a scan to display preview images before the actual scan. The color tone may change from the source image due canon 2010c wia corrections.

Rotate Right Rotates the target image outlined in orange 90 degrees wis. Color matching is performed only canon 2010c wia using a Canon inkjet printer supporting Easy Color Matching. Page 12 Display My Manual When you double-click or select and press Enter key a document title displayed in List canonn My Manual, that document is displayed in the explanation window.

Check if there are frames that are canon 2010c wia cropped even when the whole film image is displayed.

Note To delete a document from List of My Manual, select that document title from the list, and canon 2010c wia click Delete or press Delete key. Move the slider to the left to darken and right to brighten the image. Use Edit Tools to rotate images, select a part of an cnon, etc.

Page consistent color tone. Cancel All Cancels all image selections in the Thumbnail window.

Borderless Printing Select this checkbox to print the image on canno entire sheet of paper without margins. Specific Categories Displays categories containing images, along with the contained images.


Other settings cause problems. Don’t show canon 2010c wia this message again. Page 64 Custom categories: When you select Custom, a screen in which you wla specify the document size appears.

Page Select the cropping size for thumbnails of scanned documents. Page This mode renders the image in black and white. Enable keyword search Select this checkbox to convert characters in a document to text data. canon 2010c wia

All rights reserved for PhotoStudio. You can access the ArcSoft website from Extras menu and obtain the manual. Specify the destination folder, file name and file type.

This function is useful when scanning magazines. Canon 2010c wia the Require a password to open the document or Use a password to restrict printing and editing of the document and its security settings checkbox, then enter a password.

Image correction results may not be reflected in the preview image.