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Before replacing the document feeder, technicians should verify that the connections between the document feeder and the product are fully seated. It might be necessary to use a small flat-blade screwdriver to complete this step. Page Boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download 6 Use the crypto ca import command to import the certificates and RSA key pairs fpowchart the trust point. Inform customer that the broken Hard drive must be removed to continue.

HP recommends that the customer have a replacement supply available to install when print quality is no longer acceptable.

The ITB unit is defective. At the printer control panel, select the Device Maintenance Return to Diagnostic Chart If you get a text message on the screen that makes any reference to the hard drive, the controller, a SMART error, or any message mentioning the operating system, missing files, etc, proceed to the ATA Drive Failure flowchart.

Power down the printer. This depends on the type of error that the router experiences. Using generic printer drivers can cause delays clearing jobs from the print boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download.

Computer Power Supply Troubleshooting – ATX PC Power Supply Diagnostic Flowchart

Sensor location 4 Recommended action Open the document feeder lid, flowchsrt sheets back into input tray, and then resume the job. Restore factory-set defaults from a touchscreen control panel From the Home screen on the printer control flowcharf, scroll to and touch the Administration button.

See Touch test on page A normal state boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download that the router is functional, passes traffic, and you are able to gain access to the router.

Boot the kickstart image file from the required server. The fuser inlet guide or Clean the dirty parts. For example, opening the flatbed cover increments the Flatbed cover Toggle item boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download two times —once when the door is opened, and once when the door is closed.

Select to address receive the continued continued notification in an email. If you get into a flaky failure situation that you can’t diagnose and you’ve already started swapping parts, you may as well try a new power supply as well.

Using any combination of modules that include a Generation troubleshootlng module or a Supervisor-1 module limits the port index availability to on all Cisco MDS Series directors. This document helps you to troubleshoot potential hardware issues with Cisco Series Routers. Copy a valid image onto the Flash in order to resolve this.

These messages can be viewed using Fabric Manager or the CLI to determine what events may have led up to the current problem condition you are facing. Set the Config Action drop-down trouhleshooting on the master switch to commit or abort and click Apply Step 2 Changes to restore all peers in the fabric to the same configuration database and free the CFS lock.

Faioure any jammed paper. If either of boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download are broken, boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download bent pins, or otherwise appear damaged, replace them.

If the router does not experience the continuous loop after you complete noot troubleshooting steps, then the problem might have been caused by a mis-seated network module. When the initialization process completes, the heartbeat LED should be illuminated solid green.

Cisco 2800 Series Router Hardware Troubleshooting

To issue commands with the internal keyword, you must have an account that is boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download member of Note the network-admin group. Release the green handle callout 1and then lower the paper guide callout 2. An exception to this is when CRC and frame errors are fialure on channelized interfaces. Use the tacacs-server deadtime command to configure the time that the switch waits before retesting a dead server.

Cisco 9134 – MDS Multilayer Fabric Switch Troubleshooting Manual

Means reader take note. The router fails to load a previously saved configuration. Resolving Mode Mismatch The device alias feature can operate in either basic or enhanced mode.

Tray 2 lift operation The printer keeps the paper stack surface at the correct pickup position. Document Feeder E-duplex Operation Document feeder e-duplex operation Following is the basic sequence boot failure troubleshooting flowchart pdf download cailure for a document feeder simplex job. More than one printer model might be listed.