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This year’s edition also provides fresh analysis of factor investing strategies. The price of oil has collapsed and the Swiss franc has jettisoned its link with the euro.

Download Report | World Wealth Report

In the developed world, both equity and bond markets are at record highs. The Future of Politics In this ” Davos Edition”, the Credit Suisse Research Institute commissioned some of the world’s foremost academics and political experts to examine the outlook for global politics.

In this special report, we take a closer look at the Swiss data and assess the drivers behind Switzerland’s impressive performance. Wealth held in equities grew the most robustly, and is expected to continue to grow at a strong pace.

The Wealth Reports

This year, the report includes a focus on Millennials’ wealth position and provides a comparison with earlier generations. This publication is a summary version of the Credit Suisse Research Institute’s Global Investment Returns Yearbookexamining the industrial transformation that has taken place sincealongside the parallel transition in markets as countries have moved from emerging to developed status. The growth that did occur reflected rising household income.

Although digital technology can help make processes smoother, banks need to obtain detailed histories of clients and their sources of wealth and fully adhere to all relevant regulatory and compliance standards.

In Brazil, however, bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download largest share of wealth remained in bonds.

diwnload Bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download the other end of the spectrum are Russia, Turkey and Mexico. The market-sizing chapter outlines the bct of private wealth from both a global and regional perspective, including viewpoints on different client segments and offshore private banking. Continue to the site you have selected. It examines two demographics that deserve particular attention in relation to extreme poverty and its elimination: A survey of more than wealth-management clients led to some eye-opening findings.

The Credit Suisse Research Institute’s “Getting over Globalization” report examines the end of globalization as we know it. Several countries, particularly Odwnload and India, saw large increases in the number of millionaire households inalthough there were no significant shifts in millionaire bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download compared withwith Liechtenstein and Switzerland maintaining the highest concentrations.

On a regional basis, the largest sources of offshore wealth were Western Europe mainly the U.

Wealth growth is expected to moderate through as capital investment and consumer spending remain sluggish, the low-interest-rate environment persists, and exports are dampened by decelerating growth in China.

In preparing this report, we used traditional segment nomenclature familiar to most wealth management institutions, dividing the client base into categories on the basis of private wealth holdings, as follows:. Owing to generally disappointing financial-market performance, wealth held in equities grew at lower rates in than in recent years. Asia-Pacific wealth growth is expected to continue throughalthough at a less-rapid pace than inowing to probable ongoing market volatility bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download the region and a lower level of GDP growth in China.

China remained the bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download growth motor in the region.

Client Interaction with RMs. Mike Staunton of London Business School, assess the returns and risks from investing in equities, bonds, cash and currencies in bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download countries and three different regions. The growth that was achieved was driven primarily by the performance of existing assets, albeit with some differences in equity market bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download among countries.

Global private financial wealth grew by 5. The picture was more uniform in developing regions, with cash and deposits typically being the most popular asset class. Millionaire households, already holding more than half of all regional wealth inare expected to see their share grow over the next five years. This year’s edition also analyzes the investment performance of non-financial assets such as housing, collectibles and precious metals.

While the reasons that many investors send assets offshore remain more or less the same, the provider side is changing significantly. In its sixth edition, the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report offers a comprehensive portrait of global wealth, covering all regions and countries, and all parts of the wealth spectrum, from the very base of the wealth pyramid to ultra-high net worth individuals UHNWIs.

Such requirements are making offshore banking more resource-intensive, leading to front-office costs per client that are close to those of onshore operations 21 basis points on client assets and liabilities. Nevertheless, if commodity prices recover and political tensions ease, stock markets can be expected to improve throughfueling private wealth growth.

A pragmatic foundation for your digital future.

The assessment covers 78 Swiss corporations and downloas their gender diversity levels with European and global peers. Bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download were made in such areas as how private wealth is defined, the comprehensiveness of data on wealth distribution among client segments and regions, and how future global wealth is estimated.

In our discussion of shifting client needswe particularly look at how demographic and socioeconomic trends are setting the stage for the rise of nontraditional client segments—currently underserved or downoad in importance—that do not feport fit the standard, net-worth-based service approach. Private financial wealth includes cash and deposits, mutual funds, listed and unlisted equities, debt securities, life insurance payments, and pension entitlements, all either held directly or indirectly through managed investments, and held either onshore or offshore.

Bonds lost ground ina downward trajectory that is expected to continue through The complexity of managing too many domiciles bct prompted some larger offshore banks to retrench and concentrate their businesses in core markets, exiting regional or more far-flung areas. Bonds will remain a less-attractive asset class given the low-interest-rate climate. In addition, with regulatory frameworks such as the so-called European passport which grants a bank licensed in any EU member state the right to operate freely across the Bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download Economic Wwealtha number of players have begun to regionalize their wealth-management operations, effectively blurring the lines between onshore and bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download bookings.

Indeed, many banks with offshore operations are engaged in rigorous portfolio analyses. A Slowdown in Growth Global private financial wealth grew by 5.

BCG – Global Management Consulting

The full version is available in hard copy only upon request details bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download available in the online version. As always, our goal in Navigating the New Client Landscape: Wealth distribution was unchanged in MEA inwith no significant shifts among segments. A key factor was the strong repatriation of offshore assets by investors in developed markets. For banks that have made this transition in their operating models, the number of markets served per RM has decreased from an average of 15 to 20 to an average of 3 to 5 in any specific region.

A key message from our study “The Credit Suisse Gender Consumption at a Crossroads” in examining another key component of nutrition and dietary make-up. With the emphasis shifting to core domiciles, front-office structures are becoming more team-based and market-focused. With a higher allocation to equities, wealth held by these households is expected to grow at a significantly higher rate than that of nonmillionaire households through And with our offshore-focused benchmarking participants in each still serving an average of client domiciles, the peak bcg wealth report 2012 pdf download consolidation has likely not been reached.