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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. You can use as many grenades as you want if you stay near the ammo crate. So, if your team does spawns before the oter team, then you lose.

Use all your grenades if you have to since you will come to an ammo dump soon. Both comm stations usually spawn very close to each other, within meters of each other.

I play the game on the highest difficulty setting and whenever I feel that an area is a bit dangerous or needs more information I give more information. Be ready for more enemies who come in from the door infront of you. Your email address will not be published.

!!*(Ebook) Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide Reviews, Downloads, eBooks – waggishsilhouet

I found the tank to be of most help in these modes – just for that extra protection. After that, go up to the wall and climb over it by getting a boost from the marine over by the wall.

Most Popular Games on CheatCodes. No Cheats Or Hacks! After killing the four, move back and stay there and you should battlefield 3 strategy guide pdf download able to see a orange flair in the sky fall down.

That is the exact reason I battlefield 3 strategy guide pdf download started writing this guide from the multiplayer section first. This is marked on the screen by the blue marker so you will not have any trouble finding it. So take position in between the soldiers here and take out your sniper and look down on the road ahead.

Stay low and behind cover and you will be fine. You will learn the strengths and weaknesses of each class and how to play each one to fit your playing style. So keep your ears open. You need to know how ugide use the 4 classes in Battlefield 3 and we will get you pro with all of them.

Technique Reviews, Downloads, eBooks. Remember that you can hold “shift” to boost your vehicle speed. But, kill him and another comes, after battlefielc three guys, throw a grenade there to finish any other guy here and luckily you could hurt the shotgunner there. But, be careful as other team mates may take your ride away.

!!*(Online) Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide Reviews, Downloads, eBooks – obsequiouswidge

However what battlefield 3 strategy guide pdf download happens is the mad battlefiekd to become If you have not abttlefield of what a death match is, then you have been living in an icey cave in Antarctica for the past 30 years living on rotten meat and frozen fish ;p or you are a 3 year old. Destroying vehicles is also very profitable sice you get points.

But that does not mean that I will keep you hanging by the rope in the desert staring down a bottomless cess pool. But you will not see jets or copters – you don’t expect a comm station to be floating in the sky, do you?

After killing four of them you need to take out two more which are trying to get away. Be careful since they can look at you before you can look at them, so just move back if you are being fired upon.

Walkthrough – Guide for Battlefield 3

For more info please contact the product vendor through it’s official site, Battlefield 3 Guide — Relik Guide. So, depending on the game – the depth of the guide will vary. It take a long time.

After this, our team below moves to the next place and two more guys show up in front of them so be ready. Below the flair are more enemies.

If you go down, you may face problems. This is very helpful for players who prefer to watch instructional videos for a guide walk through. You can capture the flag if you are within 50 meters from it.

Battlefield 3 Guide – Relik Guide

So, you want to plow through the 50 levels of your character, get all the unlockables, and dominate your friends and foes in multiplayer? Are you new to Battlefield 3?

These include voice communications Never trust a torrent, rapidshare download, direct download, free download, megaupload file or keygen. All passengers get reduced battlefield 3 strategy guide pdf download and all drivers will be given full scores. Anyway, move ahead in prone and keep to the left and at the edge you should see four soldiers patrolling here, one of them is sitting next to a car and gets up once you start blasting them.